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PCBite Accessories & Spares

Individual components in the PCBite range.

Brand: Sensepeek Model: HBD4004
Spare parts for your PCBite holder, fresh set of insulation washers and bottom caps. INCLUDED: 1x Set of yellow insulations washers (8 pcs) 1x Set of bottom caps (4 pcs)  ..
Brand: Sensepeek Model: HBD4022
A set of two extra PCBite PCB holders with insulation washers. Included: 2x PCBite holder 1x Set of yellow insulation washers for two holders..
Brand: Sensepeek Model: HBD4021
The extra large 297 x 420 mm (DIN A3) base plate comes with a pre-fitted insulation cover so your PCBs are well protected when powered up. The pre fitted insulation cover adds a higher level of protection compared to having a painted metal surface as it is more resistant to wear and and less risk ..
Brand: Sensepeek Model: HBD4017
If you are looking for extra protecting when working with powered PCBs, want to clean up your worksurface or eliminate reflection from microscope lightning when working with small PCBs under microscope this accessory is the solution. The baseplate included in all PCBite kits have one mirror polishe..
Brand: Sensepeek Model: HBD4010
A set of color coded cable holders in eight(8) different colors to easily identify the correct channel on your measurement tool and to keep cables away from your PCB under test. Two high quality test hooks that fits directly on the SP10 cables or used as ground hooks to the SP100 and SP200 probes...
Brand: Sensepeek Model: HBD4008
2x4 Wire harness that fits perfectly between PCBite probes and your Saleae logic analyzer or anything else with an IDC 2,54 (0.1") pitch pin header. 2x4 Wire harness that fits perfectly between PCBite probes and your Saleae logic analyzer or anything else with an IDC 2,54 (0.1") pitch pin header.&nb..
Brand: Sensepeek Model: HBD4009
Spare parts for your PCBite probe. 4psc of spring loaded test needles and 4psc of bottom caps INCLUDED: 4x Pin tipped test needles 4x Crown tipped test needles 4x Bottom caps Compatible with (but not limited to) the following Sensepeek probes: SP10 SP100 SP200 SQ10 SQ200 SQ350 SQ500..
Brand: Sensepeek Model: HBD6028
Unique ground spring for total handsfree measurements at the rated bandwidth of your SQ oscilloscope probe from Sensepeek. Unleash the full measurement potential of your SQ oscilloscope probe from Sensepeek. Non destructive and non intrusive way to enable measurements over any SMD component in your..
Brand: Sensepeek Model: HBD4020
PCBite Magnifier enlarges your target and makes it easier to see during soldering, inspection and measurements. Especially useful when placing PCBite hands free probes on fine pitch SMD components during measurements. 3x magnification edgeless lens for increased visibility of the work surface and ..
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