Off-cut Remover HEKTOR 2

HEKTOR 2 - Separates milled PCBs carefully and quickly

PCBs are separated carefully and quickly, off-cuts are removed precisely and smoothly. A two-part matrix enables the different blades to be assembled resp. exchanged easily.

PCB separator MAESTRO 2, 2M

MAESTRO 2, 2M - Compact, fast and efficient for PCBs with pre-scored groove

The compact MAESTRO 2 separates PCBs quickly and economically. Little footprint is required.

PCB separator MAESTRO 3E

MAESTRO 3E - For small and large PCBs with pre-scored groove

The MAESTRO 3E separates both small and large PCBs. The support table and the rest can be set continuously to the best possible operational position.

PCB separator MAESTRO 4S

MAESTRO 4S - Stress-free separation of pre-scored PCBs

MAESTRO 4S separates both small and large PCBs quickly and economically without stress.