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CAB Maestro 4S PCB Separator

CAB Maestro 4S PCB Separator
CAB Maestro 4S PCB Separator

The brand new CAB Maestro 4S-PCB Separator is the successor to the highly successful CAB Maestro 4M PCB Separator. The CAB Maestro 4S offers motorised height control of the cutting blade and allows the cutting to be carried out in a number of successive blade slices, each with a different indexed cutting depth. This control is particularly useful for the separation of v-scored Aluminium PCBs where it is very difficult to cut in one deep slice. The machine is very simple to operate, load the v-scored PCB onto the bottom support blade, depress the foot switch and the cutting program begins.  The separated PCB is deposited behind the blade for easy removal.


  • Ability to separate FR4 and Aluminium PCB Substrates
  • PCB thickness up to 3.2mm is easily processed
  • It allows PCBs to be processed even if they have delicate components close to the v-score
  • Available in 450mm and 600mm cut lengths
  • Optional PCB removal conveyor.
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