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Brand: CAB Model: 8933900
PCBs are separated carefully and quickly, off-cuts are removed precisely and smoothly. A two-part matrix enables the different blades to be assembled and exchanged easily. Off-cuts are punched out with the help of a compressed air cylinder. The operating pressure can be set on the unit. PCBs are p..
Brand: CAB Model: Maestro
Cost effective solution to PCB separation requirements The Cab Maestro 2M and the Cab Maestro 2 are compact and versatile machines used for the separation of PCBs with a ‘V’ score groove.  The Cab Maestro 2 is the manually propelled version, the Cab Maestro 2M is the motorised vers..
Brand: CAB Model: Maestro 3E
The Cab Maestro 3E Manual PCB Separator is suitable for small and large PCBs with a pre-scored groove.  The table and the rest can be continuously adjusted to the most suitable working position. The slit between the linear blade and the rest can be adjusted to ensure that the waste side strips ..
Brand: CAB Model: Maestro4S
The brand new CAB Maestro 4S-PCB Separator is the successor to the highly successful CAB Maestro 4M PCB Separator. The CAB Maestro 4S offers motorised height control of the cutting blade and allows the cutting to be carried out in a number of successive blade slices, each with a different indexed cu..
Brand: CAB Model: CAP4
0,5 - 2,5mm² | AWG 20-13   QUADRO - the unmatched integration of four key functions: cutting - insulation stripping - twisting - crimping, With integrated locking mechanism to ensure an even, high-quality pressing, the perfect synthesis of ergonomics and functionality for fast and pr..
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