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Dispening systems and accessories including syringes, syringe adapters and steel dispensing tips. 

Brand: HB Direct Model: DOSDT
Standard Lurelock Connection Steel Tip - Straight Sold In Packs Of 50 Choose Tip Length & Guage..
Brand: Wetec Model: WE-TS250
The TS series controllers are equipped with a digital timer and an infinitely variable retaining vacuum to prevent low-viscosity media from dripping. economical, highly precise and repeatable suitable for all liquids identical in construction to OKi/Metcal DX-250/DX-255 Product Composition ..
Brand: HB Direct Model: Barrel
Dipensing Syringes - PACK OF 50 Clear / Transparent Available in 5 Sizes 3cc 5cc 10cc 30cc 55cc Without Piston, Tip or End Cap..
Brand: HB Direct Model: BarrelBL
Dipensing Syringes - PACK OF 50 Black - Full UV Block Available in 4 Sizes 5cc 10cc 30cc 55cc Without Piston, Tip or End Cap...
Brand: HB Direct Model: PISTON
White Pistons for dispensing syringes - 50 Pack Avaiable 3cc /5cc / 10cc / 30cc / 55cc  ..
Brand: HB Direct Model: DTEC
Orange End Caps For Dispensing Syringes - 50 Pk Available 5cc / 10cc / 30cc / 55cc Fits our standard dispensing syringes..
Brand: HB Direct Model: DTTIPCAP
Available in Orange & Black Fits 5cc / 10cc / 30cc / 55cc Syringes with standard Lurelock Sold in Packs Of 50..
Brand: Wetec Model: HUE842200
For dispensing liquids. Excellent for moistening the soldering tip cleaning sponges.   with curved dosing tip enables particularly fine dosing very good chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemicals angled spray tube with a fine tip   Temperature resistanc..
Brand: Wetec Model: PSS06267
The atomizer is suitable for various chemicals, eg detergents, solvents and cleaning agents.  It is not suitable for acetone, glycone, ammonia, brake cleaner and acids.   Screw-on pump sprayer Atomizer head with adjustable and closable plastic nozzle stable conical bottle shape will be de..
Model: DPM
Precise dosage ideal for SMT rework.DPM is the perfect accessory for precision solder paste dispensing for reworking the smallest components.Thanks to its design, the finger-contact point is very close to the point of application. In addition, DPM ensures a smooth feed of the solder paste and t..
Model: NDKS
Set consisting of several solder paster dispensing needles with different gauge, from gauge 18 to gauge 30, recommended for solder paste Type 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.Supplied in boxes of 16 units. PRODUCT COMPOSITION     2 ND18S6 18G Stainless Steel Dispensing Needle 2 ND20S6 20G Stainless St..
Brand: JBC Model: NDKP
Set consisting of several dispenser tapered tips, with different gauge recommended for solder paste Type 2, 3, 4 and 5. Supplied in boxes of 10 units. PRODUCT COMPOSITION       2 ND18P 18G Tapered Dispenser Tip 2 ND20P 20G Tapered Dispenser Tip 2 ND22P 22G Tapered Dispenser Ti..
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