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Brand: HB Direct Model: HBDBM60010M
ESD Bench Matting 10M length 600mm wide 2mm ESD Bench Matting 2 Layer - Top (Dissipative) Bottom (Conductive) Wrist strap, 3m coiled grounding cord and grounding plug can be ordered separatley. Also available in kit form at shorter lengths...
Brand: HB Direct Model: HBD3070C
Stereo microscope which features a large viewing field without eyepieces. Users can see sharp and stereoscopic images from the lens in the microscope head. Built-in LED illumination provides bright and even light for comfortable viewing, brightness can be adjusted with the external power box. The mi..
Brand: HB Direct Model: HBDBM600
ESD Bench Matting Kits 600mm 600mm Wide - Please select one of the 6 length options below 2mm ESD Bench Matting 2 Layer - Top (Dissipative) Bottom (Conductive) Each kit comprises of  1 Mat (600mm Wide)  - Choose length below 6 sizes available 4 10mm Male Grounding studs ( 1 installed..
Brand: HB Direct Model: HB-FC100A
Small footprint - 28.5*24*23 CM Excellent extraction capability 117 CFM 1.2M flexible hose with round adapter. 3 Layer Filtration - Pre Filter / Hepa / Carbon - 99.97% Purification achievable. Manually adjust flow rate via front panel. Weight 6Kg Ideal for anywhere where workspace is at a..
Brand: HB Direct Model: UM20
Autofocus Long Working Distance Digital Microscope with 2MP Resolution 10x to 500x Magnification ViTiny UM20 HDMI/USB Autofocus Digital Microscope can output to a Windows PC or TV monitor. The 2MP CMOS sensor give very clear and crispy images. The response is fast without delay at 60 fps. The magni..
Brand: HB Direct Model: EW-20C-1
HBDirects Automatic Wire and Cable Tying Machine Automatic wire tying machine - designed for industrial tying applications, quick production setup.  NSK linear guides ensures smooth action and repeatability.  Cycle time 0.7 Seconds. Approx 5K - 8K ties per roll of tie wire depending on OD..
Brand: HB Direct Model: HB-FC150A
Small footprint - 29*24*40 CM Excellent extraction capability brushless 150W motor. 1.2M flexible hose with round adapter. 3 Layer Filtration - Pre Filter / Hepa / Carbon - 99.97% Purification achievable. Remote control functionality with timer function. Weight 10Kg Ideal for anywhere where wo..
Brand: HB Direct Model: HBD3003
Long working distance stereo microscope is a smart and cost-effective stereo microscope. A variety of eyepieces and objectives are available for different requirements. The long working distance feature provides more choice for different applications in electronics assembly, test, repair and inspect..
Brand: HB Direct Model: DOSDT
Standard Lurelock Connection Steel Tip - Straight Sold In Packs Of 50 Choose Tip Length & Guage..
Brand: HB Direct Model: SK0905
A comfortable, fully adjustable, fabric type non-allergenic band to reduce skin allergies. Specifications: 10mm male stud connection Length:220mm Inner Surface:16 pcs conductive stainless steel Polyester fiber blend Outer Surface: Polyester Fiber, insulative Color: Blue Resistance:150-200 O..
Brand: HB Direct Model: IN2400ESD
SPECS Reach; 80-90cm, Lens Diameter; 125mm, 3-Dioptre lens = 175% magnification, Lamp; 60 led's 6000K, 12W/1200lm, 5-Steps light dimmer; 0, 25, 50, 75, 100% power, ESD safe light covers, Including ESD grounding cord, Including table clamp, Colour; black. Options 5D Lens..
Brand: HB Direct Model: WE PCBS
L-shaped stand suitable for up to 48 PCBs of different sizes. The slight inclination additionally secures the circuit board and allows any liquid residues to drip off. Dimensions -  210 x 275 x 95 mm   Groove Depth: 3mm Typical leakage resistance: R s =10&n..
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