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Loctite Masking Mask Spot-On

Loctite Masking Mask Spot-On
Loctite Masking Mask Spot-On

The masking mask is used to keep cutouts on the circuit board free of flux and solder. This can be individual contacts and holes as well as entire areas on the circuit board. It is particularly recommended if you later work with a rosin flux. The covering mask is applied undiluted
to the surface to be kept free with a squeeze bottle and can be easily removed after the soldering process without leaving any residue.


  • recommended when used with a rosin flux
  • easy to remove after drying
  • Leaves no residue


Drying time (room temperature): 120 mins
solid content: 46%
Specific weight: 0.98 g/cc
PH value: 9.0
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