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Tip Cleaning

Soldering tip cleaning improves tip life and soldering quality.  We supply a range of soldering tips cleaning systems from Thermaltronics & JBC Tools.

Tip Tinners , Brass Curls & Sponges are also available from our Soldering Accessories section.

Brand: Thermaltronics Model: TMT-ASTC100
The TMT-ASTC automatic solder tip cleaner helps rework badly oxidized tips. Two high quality brass brushes, which revolve in opposite directions, aid in the removal of oxidisation from the soldering tip.  Removes tip oxidation  Light & compact, takes up minimal benchtop space &nbs..
Brand: JBC Model: CLU
Available With Metal or NON Metal Brushes Less than 1 second to perform a through and gentle tip cleaning with CLMU, increasing heat transfer to maximize soldering quality. It features Sensor and Continuous working modes and can be used in horizontal or vertical position. Designed for an easy mainte..
Brand: Thermaltronics Model: BC-10
10 Pack of brass curls. Ideal for solder tip cleaning. Brand - Thermaltronics..
Brand: JBC Model: CLM
A complete cleaning system with splashguard and anti-splash membrane to keep the work area clean and free of solder particles. Brass Wool: Very effective cleaning method. It leaves a small layer of solder on the tip to prevent oxidation between cleaning and rewetting. Sponge: The least harmful cle..
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