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Techspray De-solder Braid

Techspray De-solder Braid
Techspray De-solder Braid

Techspray No Clean Desolder Braid 1.5m reel

Techspray No Clean Desolder Braid  is a No-Clean, Lead Free Solder Braid is available in various widths and offers excellent capillary action to remove excess solder. The Desolder Braid containing no-clean flux.  Simple to use, the braid is placed on the solid excess solder, the soldering iron is placed on the braid and as soon as the solder melts it fills the solder braid thus removing it from the PCB.


  • Excellent Wicking
  • No clean flux
  • Anti-static reels
  • Excellent BGA Pad preparation




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