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Heavy Duty Soldering Tool for Robot

Heavy Duty  Soldering Tool for Robot
Heavy Duty Soldering Tool for Robot

Used for General Soldering applications.

In combination with the CSR Cartridge Exchanger, it allows a fast and automatic cartridge exchange when cartridges are worn out or when different tip shapes are needed in the same soldering process to achieve the highest quality on each soldering point.  It features a buffer to prevent damaging the PCB by an excessive pressure during soldering process.  The SFR Solder Feeder can be assembled and the Dispensing Nozzle Actuator allows dispensing tube rotation to facilitate tip cleaning with CLRP Automatic Tip Cleaner.

TRA470 is controlled by UCR470 Control Unit and works with R470 Cartridge Range.

Cartridge compatibility - R470
Control Box compatibility - UCR470 Control Unit
Soldering iron angle - 0° to 30°
Buffer stroke - 5mm (0.197 in)
Flange diameter for Head Assembly - 20 mm (0.787 in)
Operating pressure - 1.5 to 7 bar (20 to 100 psi)
Applicable tubing diameter - 4 mm (0.157 in)
WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS - 190 x 133 x 111 mm / 0.70 kg.
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