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Brand: Surclean Model: ECOWIPE IPA/DI
Ecowipe IPA/DI saturated economy wipes – for general cleaning operations within workspaces, benches, and office areas. Lightweight general purpose economy cleaning wipes saturated with 70/30 % mixture of Isopropanol Alcohol and de-ionized Water. Low linting and absorbant. Tub of 200 sheets pe..
Brand: Surclean Model: SCREENCLEAN100
Ultrawipe Screenclean 100 Tub wipes – High quality wipes for removal of Solder Paste and particularly Glue from Stencils. 230mm * 150mm Ultrawipes are manufactured from a synergistic blend of virgin Polyester and Rayon hydro entangled into a high strength uniform fabric. The material is a pr..
Brand: Surclean Model: SPR2050-25
SPR2050 – Economic aqueous chemistry for immersion/ultrasonic cleaning of PCB’s after soldering. Water rinse. Surclean SPR 2050 cleaner is a semi-aqueous solution formulated for fast, easy removal of flux residues and other soils from electronic assemblies. Cleaning is acheived..
Brand: Surclean Model: ECOSOLVE200-500ML
Ecosolve 200 is a strong solvent blend specified for a wide variety of cleaning applications, including removal of flux and uncured adhesives. It is slower drying and much more powerful than IPA whilst still being safe with almost all plastics, rubbers and elastomers. The longer evapo..
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