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Smoke Absorber

Smoke Absorber
Smoke Absorber

This smoke absorber effectively absorbs solder fumes and allows you to work in a safe environment with its activated carbon filter.

  • Adjustable Angles
  • Adjustable Air Flow
  • Benchtop Or Hang From Shelf Options
  • 130mm * 130mm Carbon filter included
Voltage 220-240V~ 50HZ
Watt 8~23W
Power Code B type 1.3M
Capacity 0.2~1m3/min(max)
Dimension 220 x 220 x 145mm
Weight 1,200g
Accessories 1pc Filter
Optional Accessories Part #. 5SS-593-F Activated-Carbon Filter
Size: 130x130x10mm(1pc / bag)
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