Launching Soon - JBC B-Iron

With the latest battery improvements and JBC Exclusive Heating System, JBC have created the new generation of the rechargeable and freestanding soldering iron.

Optimize soldering quality through your device - From any Bluetooth device, you can remotely control and configure the tool parameters and adapt them to your needs.

Heat Control - As with all JBC tools, B·iRON features JBC Exclusive Heating System ensuring an extremely quick temperature recovery reaching 350°C in less than 4 seconds.

The B210 tool is designed to perfectly lie in the operator’s hand with minimum weight, making the soldering process even more comfortable.

B 210 Tool is fully compatible with C210 Cartridge Range while B 115 and B 115T are compatible with C115 Range.

Charging your B·iRON is effortless thanks to its charger integrated in the stand which will fully charges the tool while resting in Hibernation Mode preventing oxidation.

Charges to 80% in 15 minutes - Up to 100 SMD solder joints with each full charge.

A complete cleaning system with splashguard and anti-splash membrane to keep the work area clean and free of solder particles.

Available as -

Precision Station - Ideal tool when working on populated PCBs or under the magnifying glass

Nano Station - B115 Nano B·iRON Handle provides the highest precision when soldering SMDs

Nano Tweezers - B115T Nano B·iRON Tweezers provide the highest precision when reworking SMDs