ViTiny UM20 HDMI/USB Autofocus Digital Microscope can output to a Windows PC or TV monitor. The 2MP CMOS sensor give very clear and crispy images. The response is fast without delay at 60 fps. The magnification ranges from 10x to 500x with the standard 4x lens and optional 10x lens. ViTiny UM20 is an ideal digital microscope for industrial quality control, tooling, PCB inspection, soldering, cell phone electronics examination, plastic extrusion parts, medical device.

ViTiny Digi UM20 HDMI/USB Microscope can be directly connected to a TV monitor, very easy and convenient plug and play. This can be used for factory assembly line for quick inspection and operation. The autofocus function is widely used to increase efficiency. Through HDMI cable, the high definition 1080p video has fast frame rate 60ps with no delay.  

The remote control is used to adjust focus, zoom in and out, mode choices, control LED lights and exposure value, status display, white balance, and freeze. More functions, such as defog, digital enhancement, digital zoom, etc., can be accessed through "menu".

ViTiny UM20 Digi microscope can be connected to a Windows PC, Mac or Android device through USB3.0 cable. The UM Viewer software offers expanded crosshairs, auto calibration, auto edge locating, magnifier, 2D measurement, image comparison, and more functions. 

UM20 Digi Microscope is a great and handy tool for development professional, quality control, processing and design engineers.