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HDP Heavy Duty Tweezers Station

HDP Heavy Duty Tweezers Station
HDP Heavy Duty Tweezers Station

HDP Heavy Duty Tweezers Station has been designed to reduce the soldering time in applications that require a large amount of heat span.

Some examples of applications are: coaxial cable shields soldering in telecommunication antennas, soldering of large copper conductors in medical imaging scanners, battery terminals, large-size capacitors, etc.

This station is supplied with 2 HDU Control Units, the most powerful soldering unit in the JBC range, and with HT470 HD Thermal Tweezers which use C470 Cartridge Range.

The Control Unit provides the best soldering quality thanks to JBC Exclusive Heating System and, additionally, the intelligent Sleep & Hibernation Modes help to extend life of tips. It also allows direct connection with JBC Fume Extractors.

Additionally, includes SCH Cartridge Holder to store up to 16 cartridges and tips nearby.



  • HDU Heavy Duty Control Unit
  • HT470 Heavy Duty Thermal Tweezers (cartridge not included)
  • HDTS Stand for HT470 Heavy Duty Thermal Tweezers
  • SCH Cartridge Holder


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