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DDP 2-Tool DDU Precision Rework Station

DDP 2-Tool DDU Precision Rework Station
DDP 2-Tool DDU Precision Rework Station

This Precision Rework Station is the perfect solution for fast and precise SMD rework of chip components and small outline ICs.

DDU Control Unit manages up to 2 tools simultaneously and is fully compatible with 10 different JBC tools. It works with JBC Exclusive Heating System and the intelligent Sleep & Hibernation Modes.

It comes with T210 Precision Handle and AM120 Adjustable Micro Tweezers. The short distance tip-to-grip of both tools provides the highest precision handling even under the magnifying glass.

T210 works with C210 Cartridge Range and AM120 with C120 Cartridge Range whose exceptional slimness allows reworking components on heavily populated PCBAs without affecting nearby components.

It also includes CLM Manual Tip Cleaner, a complete cleaning system with splashguard and anti-splash membrane to keep the work area clean and free of solder particles, and SCH Cartridge Holder to store up to 16 cartridges and tips.


  • 1 DDU 2-Tool Control Unit
  • 1 AM120 Adjustable Micro Tweezers(cartridge not included)
  • 1 T210 Precision Handle(cartridge not included)
  • 1 ADS Stand for T210 & T245 Handles
  • 1 AMS Stand for AM120 & PA120 Tweezers
  • 1 CLM Manual Tip Cleaner
  • 1 SCH Cartridge Holder


  • Selectable Temperature - 90 to 450 ºC / 190 to 840 ºF
  • Idle temp. stability (still air) - ±1.5ºC (±3ºF) Meets and exceed IPC J-STD-001F
  • Temp accuracy - ±3% ( using reference cartridge)
  • Temp adjustment - ±50ºC (±90ºF) Through station menu setting
  • POWER SUPPLY Peak power - 150 W per tool – 23.5 V
  • Operating temp. range - 10 to 50 ºC / 50 to 120 ºF
  • DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT - 232 x 148 x 120 mm / 7.78 kg.
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