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SPR 2050 (Ready Diluted) 25L

SPR 2050 (Ready Diluted) 25L
SPR 2050 (Ready Diluted) 25L

SPR2050 – Economic aqueous chemistry for immersion/ultrasonic cleaning of PCB’s after soldering. Water rinse.

Surclean SPR 2050 cleaner is a semi-aqueous solution formulated for fast, easy removal of flux residues and other soils from electronic assemblies. Cleaning is acheived by a powerful custom synthesised aprotic solvent combined with dual action saponifiers.

Cleaning levels easily exceed IPC and MIL requirements. Post cleaning cleanliness levels of assemblies when correctly processed can equal the SIR and electromigration parameters for the bare PCB. SPR2050 has been tested for exceptional compatability with plastics, component marking, encapsulents andvarnishes.

The unique chemistry allows a low PH level. This minimises the risk of dullness or damage to soldered joints and sensitive metals. Special wetting agents allow SPR2050 to clean under connector quad flat packs and even BGA’s without mechanical agitation. After cleaning, SPR2050 is quickly and easily rinsed from the assembly. It is exeptionally economical to use, particularly in batch type or single or multi-tank systems, where it will continue to clean, even when heavily saturated with flux residues. SPR2050 is CFCHCFC and phosphate free. It is ozone friendly, has zero VOC content, is low in toxicity and completely biodegradable. It is non-flammable.

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